Substance Use Prevention

We reduce youth substance use and invest in healthier communities.

Our goals include the prevention of underage and binge drinking, prescription drug misuse, and marijuana use in individuals 12-25 years old.

These goals are informed by insight developed under the Regional Prevention Partnership grant and in collaboration with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission. Strategies include:

  • Education.
  • Safe disposal access.
  • Regional capacity-building.
  • Improving public policy.

You’ll find essential community-health-related tools in our Community Health Initiatives Guide. As a local municipal official, volunteer, or prevention worker, it’s critical to be aware of the unique community health challenges facing our region.

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Crystal Lampman
Executive Director


Prescription Drug Safety

The use and misuse of prescription opioids is widespread, and our region is no exception. We work to educate communities about how to safely use and dispose of medication and nearby disposal sites.

Responsible Beverage Service

Alcoholic consumption is an accepted part of our society. Legal for adults 21 and over, and by far the most widely used non-medicinal drug, it is also a leading cause of death and injury in the United States.

For that reason, minimizing the risk from alcohol is really important.

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