Regional Prevention Partnership Goals

  • Reduce underage and binge drinking among persons ages 12-20
  • Reduce marijuana use among persons ages 12-25
  • Reduce prescription drug misuse and abuse among persons ages 12-25
  • Increase state, regional, and community capacity to prevent underage and binge drinking, prescription drug misuse, and marijuana use through a targeted regional approach.

Strategies under the RPP include:

  • Education and outreach to Community on proper storage and safe disposal of prescription drugs:
  • Expansion of permanent safe prescription drug drop-off locations
  • Local policy enhancements to prevent marijuana use
  • Local policy enhancements to prevent underage drinking
  • Regional capacity building
  • Support for responsible beverage service trainings
  • Outreach to pharmacies and providers on providing education to patients
  • Support for peer leadership/youth empowerment
  • Work with law enforcement to decrease underage/binge drinking
  • Mentoring 

Click here to open Planning for Prevention: A Guide to Community Health Initiatives developed under the Regional Prevention Partnership grant as a collaboration between Northwest Regional Planning Commission and Franklin County Caring Communities.

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Caring Communities works with community partners to identify and implement strategies to prevent and reduce substance abuse, especially among youth and young adults, and equip individuals, families, and the community at large to create healthy, substance-free environments where everyone can thrive.

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