Watershed Mentoring has maintained 24 out of 26 matches through COVID-19! However, there are 18 young people on a waiting list and recruitment of new mentors, especially now, continues to be a challenge! Most of our matches are meeting using social distancing measures as outlined in our COVID 19 Policy. With the training provided, matches are able to meet outdoors using precautions such as wearing masks and maintaining at least 6 feet apart.

Watershed Mentoring was awarded a 4 month grant! The focus of this grant is figuring out how to maintain mentoring during COVID-19. This additional funding has significantly increased the ability to support mentors and matches while also troubleshooting how to mentor during COVID19.

There has also been great advancements in setting up remote mentoring. More training is in the works to preemptively address mentoring needs when “stay at home orders” will most likely be implemented again.

If you are interested in joining the youth empowerment movement in Franklin County, sign up to be a mentor today! Visit fcccp.org for more information!

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