Do you want to make lasting friendships and help raise up the next generation of youth? We need more mentors for our many waiting youth! If interested, contact Marianne Hunkin, Watershed Mentoring Program Coordinator at


Since October, we have made two new matches. However, we have 18 young people on a waiting list! Mentors and mentees are matched by gender, interest, and location. All mentors and mentees complete an “interest survey” to help guide the match process. Boys are matched with men and girls are matched with women. We try to match mentors with children in or near the town where they live or work so that it is convenient for them to meet with the child and find activities and places to meet.


Mentor/mentee pair at an event!

Mentors and mentees are all about building healthy, rewarding friendships, and do all kinds of age-appropriate activities that friends might do, including playing board games, sports, go biking or hiking, try out a new art or craft, learn a new skill together, bake, cook a meal, fly a kite, go shopping (in moderation!), watch a movie, share their hopes and dreams, or just sit and gab. In the process, a mentor is helping a child learn to plan, set and achieve goals, interact socially, get enjoyment from healthy activity, and feel more self-confident.

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