This survey is being conducted by Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in partnership with ADAP at the Vermont Department of Health and is designed for Vermont residents between the ages of 18 and 25. The survey is completely anonymous, takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and asks questions about perceptions and use of alcohol and other drugs. The purpose of the Young Adult Survey is to assess underage drinking, prescription drug misuse, and marijuana use among young adults as part of the evaluation of the Vermont Regional Prevention Partnerships Grant. New to the survey this year are questions about tobacco/nicotine, hallucinogens as well as questions assessing exposure to some of ADAP’s communications campaigns. There is also a feature at the end of the survey called I-Base, which is designed to identify which peer crowds a respondent identifies with. The I-Base section was added at the request of ADAP and will help with planning and evaluation of communications campaigns for young adults.

The survey will be open for six to eight weeks. Respondents are eligible to enter a drawing for a weekly cash prize of $100 and a grand prize drawing at the end of the survey period for $500. At the end of the survey respondents are given the option to click on a link to enter the drawing on a separate website. The survey itself collects no personally identifying information and survey responses cannot be linked with contact information entered on the prize drawing site.

Recruitment is taking place primarily through Facebook and Instagram ads targeted to Vermonters within the age range. The survey is online and can be accessed here:Vermont YAS Please feel free to share this link with young adults that you work with, and also “like” our Facebook page and encourage any of your contacts and/or community partners to spread the word through their social media channels and complete the survey if they are eligible.

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